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Founded on July 1, 2014, BlasterModShop is a Nerf blaster modding group based in Hong Kong.  We present you various Nerf upgrade kits that can make your blasters more powerful and look tacticool!  Our goal is to promote foam dart shooting a new competitive sport in the world.

You are buying the latest DIY blaster kit made by Worker. It's called Prophecy Type-R. We highly recommend you go check out MakeTestBattle Youtube review HERE
before you place your order.


- Worker Prophecy Shell
- Worker Bolt Sled For Expanded Plunger Tube
- Worker Expanded Plunger Tube with Rod*
- Worker Orange Metal Stefan Kit (Power Kit)^ + Adapter
- Worker PDW Style Buttstock

* Note that to fit this expanded tube kit in the Worker Prophecy shell, you will need to trim the plunger tube support on each side of the shell (irreversible!). This step will allow you to fit the expanded tube into the shell.

^ To utilise the longer spring that comes with the stefan kit, you need to also enlarge the hole (irreversible!) where the plunger rod passes through at the rear of the shell. You will also need a compatible buttstock, such as the Worker PDW buttstock that comes with this set, to act as the new spring rest (this is known as a "Power Stock" mod). The thumbscrew included, is recommended to be used to lock the buttstock to the shell in place.


To summarise, if you wish to use standard length Retaliator Spring (i.e. upgraded Ret spring from Worker/Artifact/NerfTurf etc), all you need to do is trim the inner part of your shell but not the rear part of the shell.

You are also highly recommended to get the MCX pump grip so that you can use this blaster properly. Click HERE for other parts designed for Prophecy.


Note that in order for us to deliver your items to you in the safest way, we may need to ship the main spring seperately. Actual shipping rates may vary from our estimates, we do our best to keep the rates as low as possible and will refund extra (after handling charges) to you.

Worker Prophecy Type-R Expanded PT Set (w/o Pump Grip)

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