Nerf Stryfe - XSW Hera CQR HK416 Body Kit (3D Printed)

This is a 3D printed Hera CQR HK416 body kit made by XSW:


- 3D Printed CQR Style Frontgrip (works in conjunction with the HK416 kit)

- 3D Printed Hera CQR Stock (*only works with Stryfe!)
- 3D Printed Front Muzzle Assembly

- 3D Printed HK416 Style Handguard
- 3D Printed 20mm Picatinny Top Rail
- 3D Printed Side Rail x2

- Wokrer Inner Barrel (transulcent black, 25cm)

Not included:
Flash hider, dart mag, tools and the blaster in the pictures are not included.  They are sold seperately.

You are requried to snip away some plastics on the original Nerf rail so that you can install the 3D printed top rail comes with the kit. Please note this step is irreversible. The last picture of the gallery shows you the tools that you will need for the installation (i.e. cutter, wire snipper, a filing tool). You will also need a 1.5mm hex key as well.

Nerf Stryfe - XSW Hera CQR HK416 Body Kit (3D Printed)

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