Nerf Stryfe/Rapidstrike - Worker Plastic Flywheels

CNC machining curvature and ridges enhance power transfer to darts. ABS lightweight material allows the flywheels accelerate and spin faster.


Note that the Worker high crush flywheels are now available!  The high crush flywheels are 1mm wider diameter than standard Worker wheels.

Flywheels are only compatible with assigned Nerf flywheel blaster models.


Standard (White) Straight Groove
Diameter: 33.7mm
Weight: 4.2g
Muzzle Velocity: Low
Accuracy: Low
Dart Condition: Very Good


Standard (Black) Angled Groove
Diameter: 34.1mm
Weight: 5.4g
Muzzle Velocity: Very Low
Accuracy: Very High
Dart Condition: Excellent


High Crush (Black) Straight Groove
Diameter: 34.7mm
Weight: 6.0g
Muzzle Velocity: Very High
Accuracy: Fair
Dart Condition: Poor


High Crush (Black) Angled Groove
Diameter: 34.7mm
Weight: 6.1g
Muzzle Velocity: Low
Accuracy: High
Dart Condition: Fair

Material: ABS Plastic
Fomation: CNC Machining

Nerf Stryfe/Rapidstrike - Worker Plastic Flywheels

Color / Groove
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