Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper - Artifact Stormer Kit

The Artifact Blaster Mod Works Punisher Kit converts your Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper (EAT) to shoot stefan-only (short length darts) and offers up to 100% air seal.

This kit is a perfect stefan kit for your EAT! The kit includes the followings:


  • Aluminium breech system and dart gate
  • 3 o-rings (all pre-installed as shown in the pictures)
  • 1 Artifact barrel

This Kit does NOT include any blaster!

Only buyers who have advance knowledge of the internals of the EAT should consider buying this kit. This kit performs its best with upgraded main spring load. Heavier Artifact main springs are sold separately.

Easy! Instant performance upgrade!

Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper - Artifact Stormer Kit

  • Risks (you should look up Nerf Wiki - Air Restrictor before placing an order) There is a risk that the blaster may become damaged after frequent use of it without an air restrictor, as there is no mediator between the plunger and the bolt. To compensate for this, some modders pad the head of their plunger with soft foam to increase the lifespan of their blaster's internals.


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