AmmoCounter - Universal Kit 3.0

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This DIY kit is fully functional out of the box but will require a partial internal installation. 


Mounts to the top or either side of the blaster and can be powered by your blasters battery source (5v to 24v) or 9 volt battery!


It includes 6, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 25, 35 clip sizes that can be customized using on screen menu. And the all new advanced menu allows setting auto-reset, low count blink, brightness and fire type.



  • AmmoCounter V3 Chip
  • 3D Printed Custom LED Case (Black)
  • On/Off switch, Dart Capacity Toggle & Auto-Reset
  • Internal IR Beam (For Nerf Darts Only)
  • 9V Battery Connector (*9V Battery not included)


Remove the two screws in the rear to reposition the counter face.
Connect the 9v battery or rewire to your blasters battery source.
Install the IR beam (Video ->



Select Magazine Size:

  1. Press LEFT or RIGHT to reload. 
  2. Press LEFT or RIGHT again to change the magazine size preset. 


Changing Preset Magazine Size:

  1. Hold the RIGHT button. The displayed magazine size will flash. 
  2. Press LEFT or RIGHT to change the magazine size. 
  3. Hold LEFT or RIGHT to save your changes.


Advanced Settings:

  1. Hold the LEFT button. Menu will flash. 
  2. Press LEFT or RIGHT to change the menu pages. 
  3. Hold RIGHT to edit a setting. 
  4. Press LEFT or RIGHT to edit the setting.
  5. Hold LEFT to save and exit, or hold RIGHT to save and continue setup. 


Factory Reset:

Hold both LEFT and RIGHT together for 2 seconds. Resets all saved settings. 


AmmoCounter - Universal Kit 3.0

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